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weaning flapjack landscape 2

Weaning flapjacks

In Cakes and Bakes, Other, Snacks On March 31, 2015 0 Comments

I struggled with what to call these. Sugar free flapjack? Refined sugar free flapjack? Baby flapjack? Or just plain old flapjack? I went for weaning flapjack in the… Read More »

cherry and banana dairy free ice cream

Cherry & banana no churn ice-cream

In Ice Cream and Lollies On June 10, 2014 3 Comments

I’m not a Mum who treats sugar as the devil. I have a very sensible (well I think so) theory that by saying something’s off limits you create… Read More »

Smoothie without any banana LANDSCAPE Holly Bell 3

Banana berry smoothie

In Other, Snacks, Veggie On April 28, 2014 0 Comments

What’s that saying? Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. I’m not sure we have time in our house to breakfast like… Read More »

watermarked banana and toffee muffins

Banana & toffee muffins

In Cakes and Bakes On April 1, 2014 14 Comments

Can I admit I am slightly scared? I am getting very big and very pregnant now and whilst the birth looms large in my head it’s not that… Read More »

Cadburys compressed

Cadbury Fairtrade chocolate banana flower cupcakes

In Cakes and Bakes, Snacks On February 26, 2014 1 Comment

Another half term over, another set of scribbles on my husbands dear Habitat table to scrub off. The house is a bombsite, there are toys strewn everywhere but… Read More »

easy banana cake

Easy banana cake

In Cakes and Bakes On September 11, 2013 11 Comments

So the whole school run thing is exhausting. Not for the kids. For me. I had no idea how disorganised I was until I actually had to be… Read More »


Banana buttercream

In Cakes and Bakes On May 25, 2013 4 Comments

You can generally tell if the buttercream is homemade at a children’s birthday party without even trying it. Just look out for abandoned, naked cakes with the icing… Read More »

pecan and banoffee mini pavlovas

Pecan & banoffee mini pavolovas

In Cakes and Bakes, Puddings On March 3, 2013 5 Comments

I am almost never late. I hate lateness for all the reasons anyone might do. It implies a certain sense of importance… that the late person somehow thinks… Read More »

banoffee mini pavlova

Mini banoffee pavlovas

In Cakes and Bakes, Puddings On November 21, 2012 0 Comments

Essentially a very lazy recipe… just follow the recipe for this to make the pavlovas. Then add 200g whipped double cream, some sliced bananas and if you feel… Read More »

banana and custard cupcakes on the grass

Thoroughly British banana and custard cupcakes

In Cakes and Bakes On May 29, 2012 24 Comments

I know, I know. Everyone else has done a red, white and blue recipe post. They’re everywhere. You can’t breathe for blueberry trifles, red velvet cakes and whipped… Read More »