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Homemade pizza

In Breads, Other, Veggie On October 29, 2013 5 Comments

There are some things in life that once you upgrade, you simply can’t go back. Shoes spring to mind, no one wants squeaky cheap shoes. Men too; after… Read More »


Pears baked in cinnamon brushed pastry

In Pastry, Puddings, Veggie On September 24, 2013 4 Comments

Are baked pears an acceptable pudding? Or are they too healthy and hence not a treat? I rarely hanker after a nice slice of pear after supper. But… Read More »


Mushroom & artichoke pot pies with shortcrust pastry

In Pastry, Tarts and Pies, Veggie On September 24, 2013 0 Comments

Pot pies are just so pretty, they’re almost the anti-pie. Not humongous, not begging to be scooped into with a gargantuan serving spoon, not even the type of… Read More »

red root Reblochon bake

Red root Reblochon bake

In Sides, Veggie On September 23, 2013 4 Comments

So I like to tart up the Sunday roast. Yes there’s roasted meat, mostly pork. There’s always Yorkshire puddings, even when beef isn’t on the menu. And good… Read More »

basil dressing

Basil dressing

In Other, Salads, Veggie On June 7, 2013 2 Comments

I am a reformed hoarder. Maybe reformed is too strong. I’m a recovering hoarder. Like anyone with a predilection to do things to excess, I will never fully… Read More »

leek asparagus and courgette risotto

Bring out the sun risotto

In Other, Pasta and Risotto, Veggie On May 19, 2013 9 Comments

We are back from our first family holiday abroad and we survived it all. You see I’ve been rather phobic about taking the kids abroad until now so… Read More »


Easy minty mushy peas

In Sides, Veggie On May 13, 2013 2 Comments

I am not a fan of the chip shop mushy pea. It’s just not my thing. These however are a different matter – mushy yet minty and with… Read More »


Perfect Yorkshire puddings

In Other, Veggie On May 8, 2013 0 Comments

Crunchy? Check. Well risen? Check. Golden Brown? Check. Delicious? Check. These Yorkshire puddings have it all. Some great tips for achieving the perfect Yorkshire to compliment your Sunday… Read More »


Sweet potato chips

In Sides, Snacks, Veggie On April 23, 2013 11 Comments

Sweet potato and butternut squash didn’t feature too regularly in my life until I had children, but my I am glad they do now. Sweet potatoes count towards… Read More »

Veg Rosti

Vegetable rostis

In Sides, Veggie On April 16, 2013 2 Comments

Potato and vegetables fried up and served with a poached egg on to? Oh yes please. This is the kind of dish that manages to straddle winter comfort… Read More »