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crunchy meatballs

Crunchy piggy meatballs

In Other, Pork, Snacks, To start On January 13, 2015 10 Comments

I am hurtling towards the grand old age of 35. I know many reading this will scoff that really, that’s so young. But I’m worried. Less about the… Read More »

halloween jelly worms in dirt

Halloween party ideas

In Cakes and Bakes, Other, Pasta and Risotto, Pork, Sides, Snacks, Sweets On October 20, 2014 0 Comments

I do love Halloween though I have never been trick or treating. It’s just not in my British nature to knock on someone’s door and give out ultimatums…. Read More »


Cranberry stuffing balls

In Christmas, Pork, Sides On December 1, 2013 2 Comments

What’s the best bit of Christmas lunch? Not for me the meat, nor the roasties. Not even the honey glazed parsnips or gravy. The stuffing has it all;… Read More »

pork and apple samosas

Pork & apple samsosas

In Beef, Pastry, Pork, Snacks On October 8, 2013 2 Comments

Do you have a best friend? I hate the very label. I went to a school where every girl had to have a best friend. The class was… Read More »


Sausage and butterbean pie with red Leicester mash lid

In Pastry, Pork, Tarts and Pies On September 24, 2013 0 Comments

Every day is not a pastry day. Some days are a mashed potato day and there’s no mash I love more than Red Leicester cheese mash. The colour… Read More »


Perfect pork crackling

In How to, Pork On April 28, 2013 9 Comments

Pork is my husband’s favourite meat; for a roast, for a stir fry, when in a restaurant – wherever the opportunity for eating pork strikes, he will take… Read More »

leek potato and ham soup

Leek, potato and ham soup

In Other, Pork, Soup On January 23, 2013 4 Comments

I bought some jeans in Marks and Spencers today. I also bought a jumper. And I really liked them both. I almost skipped to the counter to pay… Read More »

Butternut squash chorizo bean and harissa soup

Butternut squash, chorizo, bean and harissa soup

In Pork, Soup On January 17, 2013 9 Comments

Being busy, or rather people who bang on about being busy, is one of my all time pet hates, up there with people who take their eye bagged… Read More »


Sausage rolls with a hint of apple

In Christmas, Pastry, Pork, Snacks On August 16, 2012 16 Comments

I am a child of the 80s. I owned a crimper. I even used it. I also owned those strange bendy rods used to curl hair into tight… Read More »

pork ribs 2

Razzamatazz ribs

In Pork On May 22, 2012 16 Comments

Recently I met a man, under 30, who used the word razzamatazz. He also used the word jeepers without irony or a hint of self indulgence. I was… Read More »