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halloween jelly worms in dirt

Halloween party ideas

In Cakes and Bakes, Other, Pasta and Risotto, Pork, Sides, Snacks, Sweets On October 20, 2014 0 Comments

I do love Halloween though I have never been trick or treating. It’s just not in my British nature to knock on someone’s door and give out ultimatums…. Read More »

broc and cauli mac cheese

Broccoli, cauliflower and pasta cheese

In Pasta and Risotto, Veggie On May 6, 2014 10 Comments

So although I am now less than 6 weeks from my due date the main thing that’s clouding my mind isn’t packing my hospital bag, nor is it… Read More »

leek asparagus and courgette risotto

Bring out the sun risotto

In Other, Pasta and Risotto, Veggie On May 19, 2013 9 Comments

We are back from our first family holiday abroad and we survived it all. You see I’ve been rather phobic about taking the kids abroad until now so… Read More »

fresh pasta fusilli

Fresh pasta

In Pasta and Risotto, Veggie On March 26, 2013 8 Comments

Making fresh pasta is a bit like crafting with kids. You think it’ll be too much of a pain in the backside, probably messy and so you either… Read More »

Lemon salmon pea and courgette pasta

Lemony salmon, courgette and pea pasta

In Fish, Pasta and Risotto On January 17, 2013 4 Comments

I left London 5 years ago and still I find it hard to go back. Like seeing an old flame who still slightly tugs at your heart strings,… Read More »

IMG_2278 xxxx

Easy cheesy pasta to ease carb cravings

In Pasta and Risotto, Pork On September 30, 2010 646 Comments

Ten days and counting until due date. Kitchen still with bare plaster walls, without tiles and unpainted windows. Yet a sense of calm is starting to pervade. I… Read More »

Toddler bolognese

Sort of bolognese with a toddler addition

In Beef, Pasta and Risotto On August 23, 2010 802 Comments

Today my mother and father (AKA Nan-kneeee and Baa Baa) kindly looked after Charlie whilst I had the pleasure of visiting the Coventry branch of Ikea. (Less said… Read More »

lamb and chickpeas

Sticky, spicy rice adorned with lamb and chickpeas

In Lamb, Pasta and Risotto On August 19, 2010 734 Comments

Today I was abused again. I’m a battered mother – both kicked and hit on the head. My crime? I suggested that a certain person’s nappy might need… Read More »

restorative risotto

A restorative risotto

In Chicken, Pasta and Risotto On July 27, 2010 695 Comments

So it’s day two of being a ‘stay at home mum’ (as we’re called – so politically correct) and I’m being bullied by a toddler. Today, despite filling… Read More »