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Flour crumbed fish

In Fish On May 6, 2013 2 Comments

Tasty ideas for dinner time that are quick, easy and don’t cost the earth are always welcome in our house. Here’s a speedy, tasty recipe for flour crumbed… Read More »


Healthier fish & chips

In Fish On April 11, 2013 1 Comment

After ‘how do you ice the perfect cupcake?’ the next most popular question I get asked is ‘how do you stay so slim?’ which always makes me laugh… Read More »


Cream cheese, smoked salmon & cucumber sandwich filling

In Fish, Snacks On March 31, 2013 0 Comments

There is nothing but nothing more quintessentially English than a dainty sandwich with all the crusts removed. This filling is a great way to make expensive ingredients like… Read More »

Lemon salmon pea and courgette pasta

Lemony salmon, courgette and pea pasta

In Fish, Pasta and Risotto On January 17, 2013 4 Comments

I left London 5 years ago and still I find it hard to go back. Like seeing an old flame who still slightly tugs at your heart strings,… Read More »

fish pie

A smokey, spinachy fishy pie

In Fish, Tarts and Pies On October 20, 2010 687 Comments

I am feeling very lazy and slow at the moment. Partly due to genuine physical discomfort at being 40 weeks plus 10 days. Partly due to sheer bloodymindedness…. Read More »

mackerel and goats cheese salad

A beetroot, mackerel and goat’s cheese salad for Sophie with not a pink river in sight

In Fish, Salads On August 17, 2010 542 Comments

I saw my lovely friend Sophie the other day for a playdate. We sat, drank tea and generally caught up on gossip whilst the toddlers fought over trains,… Read More »

Salmon and sweet potato fish cakes

Salmon and sweet potato fish cakes whilst the summer’s still with us

In Fish On August 16, 2010 740 Comments

I love fishcakes, from posh gastro pub ones to the mush they breadcrumb and fry from the local chippy. There’s something perfect for me about eating fish in… Read More »