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2 minute marinade chicken

2 minute marinade chicken thighs

In BBQ, Chicken, Other On December 30, 2014 2 Comments

Has the trifle all gone yet? Twiglets? Cheese shape thingies? What about the ham? Or the Quality Street? Phew. Thank goodness for that. If you need something a… Read More »

rosemary and dijon chicken

Rosemary & Dijon chicken stew

In Chicken, Curries and Stews On August 26, 2014 4 Comments

I got chatting to a girl from Halifax the other day. It was a revelation. We found that both Leicester and Halifax have similar Christmas traditions. Now I… Read More »


How to carve a roast chicken joint

In Chicken, How to On April 14, 2013 0 Comments

Some great tips on how to carve your chicken like a pro. Print friendly version of this recipe

takeaway chicken

Takeaway chicken

In Chicken On June 24, 2011 617 Comments

This is not a recreation of a chicken dish one might buy from the takeaway. This is in fact chicken that is made using leftover takeaway. Blergh I… Read More »

spicy fruity chicken tagine

Spicy yet sweet chicken stew (okay, my inauthentic version of a chicken tagine)

In Chicken, Curries and Stews On December 1, 2010 1 Comment

Mr B battles through the snow every evening (and any other weather condition thrown at us throughout the year) to make sure he’s home for doing bath time…. Read More »

chicken and sausage pie

Chicken piggy pot pies

In Chicken, Pork, Tarts and Pies On October 4, 2010 769 Comments

I love using up leftovers. I think it’s the culinary equivalent of having a disco nap in the afternoon before you go out, waking up and feeling like… Read More »

IMG_2087 final

Fried chicken cravings satisfied without the guilt

In Chicken On September 23, 2010 665 Comments

So, the kitchen is still unfinished and I am still pregnant with not very long to go at all. Two things that make for grumpiness and general disatisfaction… Read More »

Chicken thighs with hot Sunday sauce

Chicken thighs with hot Sunday sauce

In BBQ, Chicken On August 14, 2010 727 Comments

I recently spent the day with some of my lovely friends who I don’t often see these days. I dusted off my old Oyster card (and was relieved… Read More »

Juicy yet crispy thighs

Juicy yet crispy thighs

In BBQ, Chicken On August 5, 2010 548 Comments

I’ve been a stay at home mum for less than 2 weeks and already I’ve managed to introduce my own special stress and anxiety into the average mummy’s… Read More »

restorative risotto

A restorative risotto

In Chicken, Pasta and Risotto On July 27, 2010 695 Comments

So it’s day two of being a ‘stay at home mum’ (as we’re called – so politically correct) and I’m being bullied by a toddler. Today, despite filling… Read More »