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2 minute marinade chicken

2 minute marinade chicken thighs

In BBQ, Chicken, Other On December 30, 2014 2 Comments

Has the trifle all gone yet? Twiglets? Cheese shape thingies? What about the ham? Or the Quality Street? Phew. Thank goodness for that. If you need something a… Read More »


Lemon and coriander turkey burgers

In BBQ, Turkey On August 10, 2012 5 Comments

There’s sunshine at last! I can feel a smile spread across my face at the prospect of soaking up some vitamin D. The barbecue has grown dusty with lack of… Read More »

quinoa salad 2

Sesame, quinoa and carrot salad for a hungry, cake-eating husband

In BBQ, Salads On February 21, 2011 614 Comments

Sometimes wives make cakes. Sometimes they make a lot of cakes. Sometimes husbands kindly taste them and even take them to work in their lunchbox. Sometimes wives are… Read More »

sticky and sweet ribs

Sticky and sweet ribs

In BBQ, Pork On December 9, 2010 709 Comments

My son (the eldest, not the baby one – that would be weird) has taken to saying goodbye to everything. When we leave the bathroom he says ‘bye… Read More »

cous cous for all the family

All sorts cous cous for all the family (especially toddlers called Charlie)

In BBQ, Salads, Sides, Veggie On August 18, 2010 674 Comments

Charlie surprises me on a daily basis, such are his whims. His fave supper of Baghdad beef stew, carrots and pasta was recently rejected in favour of this… Read More »

Steak in Disguise

Steak in disguise

In BBQ, Beef On August 15, 2010 692 Comments

Today I cut Charlie’s hair. Previously he’d been having it cut by a friend of my mothers. This hairdresser is one of those who visit you at home,… Read More »

Chicken thighs with hot Sunday sauce

Chicken thighs with hot Sunday sauce

In BBQ, Chicken On August 14, 2010 727 Comments

I recently spent the day with some of my lovely friends who I don’t often see these days. I dusted off my old Oyster card (and was relieved… Read More »

tomato and mozzarella salad

A tomato and mozzarella salad for when the shops fail you

In BBQ, Salads, Veggie On August 9, 2010 750 Comments

I didn’t like tomatoes until I went on a package holiday to Greece circa 1995. I had always associated them with what I call ‘salid’ – salad type… Read More »

Stuffed tomatoes

Stuffed tomatoes that won’t leave you feeling too stuffed

In BBQ, Veggie On August 6, 2010 635 Comments

What a day! Going to the zoo requires military preparation when taking a toddler. Here is a list of everything we took: Buggy, rain cover, coat for Charlie,… Read More »

Juicy yet crispy thighs

Juicy yet crispy thighs

In BBQ, Chicken On August 5, 2010 548 Comments

I’ve been a stay at home mum for less than 2 weeks and already I’ve managed to introduce my own special stress and anxiety into the average mummy’s… Read More »