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How often does an A & E Doctor decide to diversify and start making and selling bibs? Not very, that’s for sure. Which is why Fabric 41 slightly intrigued me. Amy (the Doc) and Katy (her sister) have started up a little company dedicated to making dribble bibs – you know, the ones that look super cool, like neckerchiefs. The kind sported by very cool kids.

So Amy and Katy sent me some bibs to review and I have to admit to being a little skeptical at first, after all these dribble bibs, whilst perfect for older teething toddlers are often, frankly a bit rubbish for babies. They don’t tie properly and hence milk sits in neck creases which any parent knows can provide a pretty rank aroma after just a few hours. The thing is these bibs are not like that – they’re super, super soft so they wedge into neck creases really well, plus they’re easy to tie, using a popper rather than my pet hate, velcro. (Which seems to collect all manner of debris in the washing machine. Ewww.) And lastly, but most importantly, the designs are delightful. I haven’t seen the fabric designs before. My little boy Lawrence has been sporting the apple and snail designs and looks mighty dapper in them.

Things I liked: Priced honestly – £6 each or buy 3 or more for a fiver each. The softness. The popper fastening. Made in England – supporting local businesses. The fabric designs are lovely – of which there are LOADS. The perfect baby present for any new parent. Oh and the website is gorgeous, very premium.

Things I didn’t like: Amy and Katy, you need to include more about you both on your website (in my opinion). I’d love to know more about your styling and textile credentials. I’d love to know more about the A & E background and how that led you into bib land. I am intrigued. People buy people after all. I think you should up your story. I also think you should apply for Dragon’s Den. Look what it did for that Just for Tiny People business. I would also like to know why you’re called Fabric 41. I could be being sleep deprived and thick on this point though.

I have 10 x Fabric 41 bibs of YOUR choice to giveaway to one person. There are lots of ways to enter – see the Rafflecopter form below. The first way is just to leave a comment on this post. Easy peasy. Closing date 21st November 2014. How to enter:

  • Complete the Rafflecopter form below to confirm your entries made via blog comments, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • This giveaway will close on 21st November 2014.
  • Please read the rules below.
  • Winners are announced on the Rafflecopter form after the prize has been claimed by the winner.
  • First timers: Please watch how Rafflecopter works (video)! It is 46 seconds long. It explains everything.
  • If no form is showing, hit refresh and it should appear.
  • Complete the form – or your beloved entries will not go into the draw. And that would be such a waste of time.
  • Mandatory entries need to be completed first – so leave a blog comment before you try and complete any of the other methods of entry.
  • Want more chances to win? Come back daily after tweeting about the giveaway and fill the form in again.
  • If you are viewing this by email you will need to click through to enter.

Rules and things:

  • Open to anyone over the age of 18, UK & Europe only. Sorry to anyone younger or further afield.
  • There are 10 x bibs from Fabric 41 of your choice to giveaway to one person.  There’s no cash alternative to the prize and the prize is not transferable. No part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.
  • Instructions form part of the terms and conditions. Entries using any software or automated process to make bulk entries will obviously be disqualified. The winner will be picked at random using software and then contacted by email. If you win and then don’t respond to this email within 7 days then another winner will be picked so check your emails and your spam! The goodies will be delivered to the winner as soon as possible after you have sent me your delivery address.
  • I am running this giveaway on behalf of Fabric 41 who will be responsible for sending the prize to you by post should you win. Their decision is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • This is where I get all stern – please don’t say you have liked the post and followed me on Twitter and Tweeted away like a Tweety thing if you haven’t as guess what? If you win I will check you did do the things you said you did. It’s only fair after all. And I do like fairness.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Leanne Lunn

    you can never have enough bibs and these look great, thanks for the giveaway.

  • Caleigh GP

    These would be perfect for my teething little dribbler!

  • Pauline Savage

    They look lovely

  • emma walters

    they are beautiful!

  • Bluebell2325

    Fantastic, good luck to them.

  • Lucy Bishop

    You can never ever have enough dribble bibs!! These are fab Holly, I’d love to win them for my son Bert, his are getting a bit old!

  • Šarlotte Grave

    Aw they do look super cool!

  • Ursula Hunt

    Perfect for my expectant new grandchild

  • T

    Great bibs!

  • Liam Bishop

    Always in need of more bibs! Looks ace :)

  • JudeVFR400

    A friend has baby number two now, so a perfect gift.

  • Jenna O

    Oh what a lovely bib!

  • Isabel O’Brien

    Ahh my niece will look lovely in these. :)

  • Annelies

    This would be the perfect gift to my very pregnant friend.

  • winnie

    the bibs are lovely

  • noney1234

    These look great, much bigger than a lot of other bibs in this style

  • Jo Glasspool

    Lovely fabric xx

  • LouLlew

    Love these bibs.. All these talented ladies that diversify.. They really are inspiring!

  • Catherine Salter

    These girls are 2 of my closest friends from school, they are truly inspiring, and the bibs are gorgeous, my youngest wore them and loads of my new mummy friends have had them as presents! Go Fabric 41 xx

  • Rachel


  • elizabeth doody

    They look great and I know everyone would want one!

  • maci234

    fandabidozy giveaway

  • Lynn Parry

    Great comp! Something for my bump ;)

  • Harriet

    Hope to win.

  • Justine Meyer

    great giveaway thanks

  • Karen Cowley

    Lovely giveaway thanks for the chance x

  • Richard Hill

    There once was a wonderful star
    Who thought she would go very far
    Until she fell down
    And looked like a clown
    She knew she would never go far.

  • Keith Hunt

    Just the thing for my sisters child.

  • charlie

    fingers crossed

  • Kelly Donald – Pattullo

    Hello ☺☺☺

  • kathycakebread

    lovely prize

  • laura stewart

    great prize xx

  • Victoria Thurgood

    great giveaway

  • Vic

    Good Luck everyone!

  • Sandra Lane

    Lovely prize. I would give these to my niece for her baby.

  • Angela Jackson

    I bet every baby would look fabulous on that bib.

  • Claire Noke

    Lovely giveaway, again !! Thanks x x

  • LifeWithAsd

    These look lovely

  • champaklal lad

    looks liked a great prize

  • hannah staveley

    Looks amazing .x

  • Lynne (PlumLeaf)

    Beautiful print! Suitable for boy or girl Xx

  • Kerrie Thackray

    With another baby on the way very, very soon, I’d love these!

  • Hekna

    Got a little one on the way so will be in need of lots of bibs soon!

  • Mark Andrews

    Another great prize, hope I win!

  • Charlotte Elliott

    So practical, love these!


    These would come in handy with two baby grandsons & another due in November

  • Lara Davis

    fab prize xx

  • Aideen McElhone

    Very cute designs :)

  • Henry Little


  • Tracy Hanley

    Love them all

  • Samantha Gray

    so cute !

  • Judith Fryer

    Cute !

  • Rebecca Phillips

    love them!

  • Becky John

    Very unusual

  • Louise Griffiths

    Love them!

  • Claire Lacey

    very stylish

  • Laura Pritchard

    I’ll really need these for our next baby, due in March.

  • Pamela Risk

    Wonderful Prize, Thanks again !

  • buchanl

    Great prize

  • bec

    so need more bibs!

  • ZARA

    Fingers Crossed! :) I’d love to try out some new bibs! :)

  • hazelmurphy

    Goodbye ugly bibs ! These are really attractive.

  • PamGregory

    Great Giveaway – Thanks!

  • Elaine B

    How beautiful!! and a lovely little picture too

  • Simon Ward


  • Deborah B

    would like to win this

  • Kay Panayi

    How gorgeous are these

  • Julia S

    These would be lovely for my niece!

  • Andrea

    These would be great for my new grandson :)

  • Sarah Stevens

    brill xx

  • suey1969

    Another fab prize, can never have too many bibs. Good luck everyone !

  • Viv C

    I love this style of bib.

  • Laura Bethel

    My son look very cute in these :-)

  • Caroline Blaza

    Another lovely giveaway

  • Lorraine Stone

    Great giveaway ~ thank you

  • Katie Lou

    Loved Holly on GBBO x

  • sam cornford

    Dribble bibs are a godsend.

  • Ang Hedley

    i love these bibs! though an old lady stopped me is Asda,thinking it was a hood, she asked if he was my 1st baby as i’d put his jumper on back to front! haha



  • Becky Shorting

    they look amazing!

  • Chris Fletcher

    These look fantastic

  • Kim M

    Yes please

  • kirsty h

    Roses are red, violets are blue, your bibs are pretty just like you xxxx

  • jackie Chapman

    They look like a really good size. Most bibs in this style are tiny and no good for anything. thanks for the giveaway.

  • maci234

    fandabidozy giveaway

  • Martina Pichova

    I don’t like covering my daugter’s pretty clothes with boring bibs. If I won this I wouldn’t have to.

  • Kim Styles

    I think these are great, very innovative and stylish

  • Rebecca Powell

    These bibs look great

  • Cat Culmer

    Perfect prize for my dribbly teething man

  • Charmian Filewood

    I love the cool new things they come up with now :D