It wasn’t that long ago that baby showers were just for the rich and famous. Now they’re as much a part of having a baby as hen do’s are an obligatory precursor to getting married. A baby shower is your send off into motherhood, whether it’s your first time or you’ve already popped out a few babies.

If you’re organising a baby shower for a friend or even yourself there are a few questions to ask before you even book a venue:

  • Is the Mum to be needing her bed at 9pm every night? The end of pregnancy can be exhausting for some so think about a weekend daytime party if she’s in her PJs by the Eastenders credits every night.
  • How does the Mum to be feel about others drinking alcohol? For some, giving up the booze can be the worst part of pregnancy, so watching others enjoy it is torturous. For others, even the smell makes them feel nauseous. Bear this in mind when booking a venue and remember that most sober Mums to be will have less tolerance for loud noise. A private room in a bar/restaurant, a tea room or even someone’s house are likely the best options.
  • Who are you inviting? If it’s a surprise for the Mum to be, consult with a couple of her closest friends and her partner. In my experience smaller gatherings of really good friends can work better than inviting everyone on the Mums Facebook friends list.

If you’re inviting lots of people who don’t know each other well, you might need a game or two to help break the ice. Guessing the weight, gender and birthday of the baby is a good starter. Or buying some cheap white baby gros and some fabric pens and setting everyone to work creating a masterpiece fit for a princess or prince gets everyone chatting too.

Presents can be a tricky one. Some people are superstitious and prefer to only buy for the baby once he or she arrives. My advice is to keep present buying Mum focused. All too soon every gift she receives will be baby related. What about a voucher for a relaxing foot massage and pedicure (I’m assuming she find reaching her feet difficult by now!), a delicious smelling candle or some super soft PJs for making those night feeds a little more enjoyable? For the Mums who already have children practical help is often what they crave most; maybe some IOU vouchers for babysitting, making an evening meal or doing a load of washing and ironing? Just make sure she uses them.

Last, but in my opinion, most importantly, the food and drink. An afternoon tea party is a treat whether pregnant or not so it’s a great place to start. Perhaps kick things off with a mocktail like a virgin mojito and follow with fine leaf tea served in beautiful china tea cups with saucers.

Bear in mind any cravings the Mum to be might have had and try and incorporate them into the catering if they’re not too weird and wonderful. (Gherkin ice cream anyone?) Small, dainty bites like tiny crustless finger sandwiches filled with ham and mustard, slivers of cucumber or poached salmon and mayonnaise always go down well. Follow them with miniature scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream, little fine French macarons, heart shaped lemony shortbread biscuits and of course, a chocolately treat. Like these brownies.

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