Hands up – this is a giveaway only open to those who have already bought my book. It’s a thank you. If you wish to take part then you’ll need to buy the book – it’s currently available from Sainsbury’s, Waterstones, Amazon, Waitrose (from August) and of course lots of lovely smaller independent book shops. (You can click on the words Waterstones and Amazon to buy.)

Here’s how this giveaway works. I have SEVEN recipe books, all brand spanking new for one lucky person to win. The combined RRP of the prize is just under £125! Here’s a picture of the books:

prize for blog

There’s Cake in Bloom by Peggy Porschen, The Natural Cook by Tom Hunt, 50 Lolly Recipes by Nadia Roden, Pasta by Antonio Carluccio, East Instanbul by Andy Harris, The Herb and Flower Cookbook by Pip McCormac and Eat Right for your Body Type by Anjum Anand. So what do you have to do? It’s SO easy:

1) Make any recipe from my book, Recipes from a Normal Mum.

2) Take a photo of the recipe you made with the book clearly visible in the photo.

3) Either upload the picture to my Facebook page or Tweet the picture to me – whichever method you use you need to write ‘Here’s my entry for the cookbook giveaway using Holly Bell’s book: http://amzn.to/1g31Xo9

You must include the Amazon link to the book in your entry otherwise it won’t be counted. And if you make more than one recipe then you can enter again… in fact you could enter 100 times using every recipe in the book if you wish. What you can’t do is enter the same recipe more than once.

I will pick a winner at random on 14th August using a random number generator from the web. So it doesn’t matter if the kids get involved and your dish doesn’t look picture perfect. This isn’t about that – it’s about making something, anything from the book. (And if you’ve already made something and sent the pic to me just re-post it with the wording above.)

Good luck!

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