The question of how to ice a cupcake well is probably the thing I get asked the most. It’s one of things that’s quite hard to describe; you need to see it to really get it. So here’s a video with lots of tips on how to achieve the perfectly iced cupcake.

And if you’re looking for recipes here are a few cupcake recipes of mine I can recommend; caramel coffee cupcakes, coffee and walnut cupcakes, love cupcakes, lemon meringue snowman cupcakes, After Eight cupcakes, banana and custard cupcakes, Octonauts cupcakes, two tone icing cupcakes, Simnel cupcakes, chocolate cherry cupcakes, Mars chocolate cupcakes, Chocolate cupcakes with truffle icing, Lemon cupcakes with zingy Italian meringue buttercream, carrot cake baked in a cup, Thomas fairy cakes, moonuts, froggy cupcakes or just plain but quite wonderful vanilla cupcakes.

And if you fancy a challenge check out this video of me trying to ice the highest cupcake I can… can you go any higher? Answers on a blog post answer or youtube video please!

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