Comic Relief is almost here – it’s on 15th March to be precise. Do you remember the first red nose you bought? I do. It made me feel most grown up to be helping others. I’m looking forward to giving my sons their £1 each to buy a nose this year.

Myself, I’m kind of past the nose stage. I’ll still wear one for comedy effect for the kids but I want something a bit more substantial, more lasting, for my money. So imagine how excited I was to learn that my fave pottery designer, Emma Bridgewater, had designed mugs, aprons, tea towels and even a bag! I have been lucky enough to test drive the bag (lovely and sturdy material, inside pocket and sits upright too) and one of the mugs. The mug is as you would expect, lovely quality, holds lots of tea and makes me smile. What more could a girl want. Get your self down to TK Maxx asap to grab some of these goodies before people buy them all up and flog them on eBay. Sad but true.

Here are just a few pics of the goodies to be found. Love them. The mugs are £9.99 each.


The aprons are £12.99 each.

apron 2



The tea towels are £4.99 each.

tea towels


The oven gloves are £7.99 each.


oven gloves


And last but not least this lovely bag is £9.99.

bag for life

What are you waiting for? Get thee to a TK Maxx! Happy shopping. x

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