This isn’t a new recipe… in fact it’s just a re-hash of an old one. This one in fact. It’s just that it’s Christmas and these little Thumbelina morsels that originally housed cherry jam seemed to be crying out to be filled with mincemeat and topped with a red M & M and two antlers of broken pretzel.

So follow the recipe and once cool make eyes and a mouth with a toothpick, prod two pretzel antlers into the marzipan and use a little icing (I used one of those little icing pens from Sainsbos) to stick a red nose on your Rudolf. And then if you’re feeling like Rudolf might need a piggy pal then go wild and make some of these:


Apologies for the rubbish photo. They didn’t survive to see morning light or my big proper camera. Easy to make, more so than the reindeer. Just add a little marzipan nose and two flaked almond ears before you bake your pigs. Eyes and nostrils added after with a toothpick. Oink oink!

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