• 1 wafer
  • 25g chocolate
  • Sweets

So you know how I pimped those 29p waffle cones from Aldi? If you didn’t then you can check them out here. They’re the classy sister to these wafers.

The principle is exactly the same, just more about sweets and less about nuts and praline and other tip-top delights. These wafers are the grubbier version, the one you secretly eat, alone. A bit like when you smuggle-buy a Malibu and coke but ask for it in a long glass to pass it off as a plain Diet Coke. Or when you buy expensive rear facing car seats (not the baby ones, I’m talking the next stage up for talking children) so you can buy McDonalds cheeseburgers at the drive-thru without the kids telling Daddy. Just me then?


- 1 wafer

- About 25g chocolate (dark, milk, whatever takes yours of your toddlers fancy)

- Sweets, various

Take the chocolate, break into pieces and then melt in the microwave in short blasts. Mine took a minute to get to the almost molten stage, then a few stirs with a teaspoon to get it all the way there. Pop your wafer onto a plate.

Let the chocolate sit in the bowl/cup/whatever you melted it in, until it starts to harden a little. Once it’s at the still-mixable but visibly-thicker stage, spoon it onto your wafer with a teaspoon being careful to get a good covering but not to let it spill over the sides. (Only because it’s easier to let it set this way without getting it soldered to the plate.)

Then decorate with sweets. Maybe just gummy bears, maybe dolly mixture too. Perhaps chocolate coins. Strawberry laces for sure. I raided our treat tin. All houses should have a treat tin in my opinion.

Let it set and then serve alone or with ice-cream.



This is Charlie pointing in glee and delight. I don’t think I could have earnt more Mothering points if I tried.




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