• 300g plain chocolate
  • 75g unsalted butter
  • 2 tbsp golden syrup
  • 405g tin condensed milk
  • 175g sultanas
  • 125g mini marshmallows
  • 200g biscuits

Oh. My. Goodness. Make this. Make it now if you can. If you don’t have the ingredients then buy them immediately. If you live in a remote area without shops and pubs and neighbours to harass for tins of condensed milk then do an online shop immediately and pay the extra for tomorrow’s delivery. This cake is something else. It makes me want to describe it as ‘da bomb’ but of course I won’t do that as I’d sound like a muppet, or rather a Holly trying to be a bit ‘street’. And that wouldn’t do at all.

I have messed with this recipe but do you know what, that’s what recipes like this are for. Do it. Add what you want. Though I draw the line at baked beans. Mr B says no to prunes though I’d be okay with them.

This recipe is from Scrumptious which is by Diverse Abilities Plus and I have to say, it’s a bloody fine baking book. I have tried two random recipes so far and both have been just stunning. Buy the book! I won’t be blogging any more of their recipes. It would be like stealing from a charity and we all know we should give to charity. If I carried on giving the recipes away I’d be nothing better than one of those people who nick charity boxes from pubs. Disgraceful.


- 300g plain chocolate (70% cocoa solids) broken into pieces

- 75g unsalted butter

- 2 tbsp golden syrup

- 405g tin condensed milk (though mine was just under 400g – no matter)

- 175g sultanas

- 125g mini marshmallows

- 200g Malted Milk biscuits all broken into bits

Line a large tray with greaseproof paper. Check it fits in your fridge. Melt the chocolate, butter, condensed milk and syrup in a pan on a low heat until completely smooth and combined. Remove from the heat and leave to cool a little – about 5 mins. Add everything else and stir until all covered in chocolate. Tip onto the lined tray and then cover the lot with a large piece of greaseproof paper and use your hands to manipulate the lot into a block of fridge cake that’s pretty much even in thickness all over. Leave in the fridge until set which takes about 4 hours.

Once set, take the entire block (with both layers of paper still on) and place on a chopping board. Then peel off the top layer of greaseproof paper and use it to rest one hand on top of the block as you saw the cake into strips with a serrated knife. (Warm hands melt the fridge cake quickly, hence why the greaseproof paper is so useful as a hand-rest.) You could then package these strips up into bars to go into lunch boxes, or saw again into smaller bites as you see in the picture.

NB: You can eat more smaller bites than whole bars. That’s a rule of bake-me-not chocolate cake.

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